John Morrison, an Ivy League graduate of Cornell University and a PhD statistician, developed the Sports Betting Champ System. It is a system for betting on sports. The sales page boasts that the system “is the ultimate foolproof sport betting system” and that it makes him over $70,000 per week by betting on sports. These claims are backed up by screenshots from his betting account, which shows a balance of $185819.80 for December 2009. casino sbobet

Scroll down to see photos of “testimonials”, scans of betting slips and other claims so bizarre they sound like scams. In what seems to be an attempt by random political associations to legitimize the claims, there is even a picture of Hillary Clinton. A link to a page with over 1000 customer testimonials is provided. These are scans of handwritten letters that look very similar and all scans of scrawled letters.

After reviewing everything on the Sports Betting Champ System webpage (including all the testimonials), I was initially tempted to believe that it was a fraud. So, I searched Google for details to confirm my suspicions. After spending a lot of time searching, it became apparent that the majority of posts about the system were positive. However, I was skeptical because it is so easy to alter pictures. These are my suspicions:

* The profits claimed are so large that they seem unbelievable

* You can easily modify screenshots with an image editor

* Any modifications can be hidden by the grainy scans of the betting slips

* Surprisingly, the handwriting in the scans of customer testimonials is very similar

This was an extremely complex and well-constructed scam. The best counterfeiters want their products to pass judgment by paying attention to details and also “blurring around the edges” to make things less obvious. It was clear from the images that either they were very well forged, or they were genuine. It was worth the small cost of just a few hundred dollars to find out if the Sports Betting Champ System was a fraud.

It would be simple for me to compare my findings with the claims made on the Sports Betting Champ System site. The simple truth is that the Sports Betting Champ System works and you can make the claims. However, it’s important to follow the instructions and not place large bets. I started with a $10 unit of betting and a small bankroll of several hundred dollars. This was a risk I was willing to take. I’m a regular sports betor, and I have historically placed good bets (although losing a few hundred dollars per month).

I had been betting for 2 months, following all the instructions and betting on the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Total of 73 bets were placed (every single one that the Sports Betting Champ System offered during the 2 month period). The record was 71-2. Only 2 bets were lost during the 2 month period of betting. I was genuinely amazed that this system worked after the first few wins. Needless to mention, I was able in 2 months to turn my bankroll from just a few hundred dollars into a few thousand dollars and to increase my betting unit by $10 to $200.

Before joining the Sports Betting Champ System I was the most skeptical reader. But the results speak for themselves. Although I was skeptical about the system, I am glad that I invested the few hundred dollars to make it work. Click the links below for the Sports Betting Champ System.

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