Apanemia Traditional Country House in Lofou


About Lofou

Lofou is a beautiful and unspoiled village is listed by UNESCO as an architecturally important village.  It is built in a circular pattern on hills, at an altitude of 780 meters and is connected with nearby villages by asphalted lanes.

For more than 20 years, Lofou was an abandoned village since almost all the villagers moved to the village of Ipsonas for a better life.  With mainly older villagers living permanently in Lofou, the village begun to decline, but in the 1980s the Department of Antiquities initiated a restoration project with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) which is still in progress. Since then most of the villagers are returning and restoring their homes and they use them mostly for their vacations.

Nowadays, the renovated houses of the village with their wooden balconies as well as the stoned narrow streets give the village a special, distinctive beauty which could now be described as one of the most striking ones of the area.

The village is situated in the heart of the wine making region and is widely regarded as one of the most enchanting and unspoiled villages in Cyprus. The peace and tranquillity makes Lofou an ideal destination for those wishing to escape the pressures of modern life.

Going downhill for 20 minutes by car, will take you to Limassol with its seafront, old town and plentiful shopping. In the opposite direction going uphill, you will find yourself high in the Troodos Mountains, with forest walks, waterfalls and even skiing in the winter.